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In The Beginning…

A player has received a letter telling them of a very lucrative job offer in Raleigh, North Carolina. It is only signed The Docter. It tells them to speak to The Nurse for more instructions. Players begin at BWI airport having flown in from wherever their last adventure left them. There are a number of shops at the terminal selling average non-lethal items at above average prices. Looking at a map of the airport you can locate a Dunken Doughnuts, a Starbucks, a Boundries book store that highlights its do-it-yourself section, and a McDaniels fast food and Irish pub. You also locate an info desk with various maps of the area and modes of transportation. (If players try to sell things here the shopkeepers will call them idiots and will not buy anything.)

When players are ready to leave the intercom will say “Will all passengers flying Adventure Airways to Raleigh please report ot the information desk.” When players report to the info desk they will be informed that due to their flight not going where it should be, the company they the players flew on are offering free transportation to Charleston and free tickets for the W.V.R. since the only way to get to Raleigh now is to cross the great Virginia sea by riding the famous West Virginian Railroad. To get to the W.V.R players must drive to Charleston WV.

Charleston or Bust

While driving to Charleston, an unknown adversary will try to force the players of the road. If unknown driver succeeds, players are forced off the road and their car breaks down. Players must call a tow truck from the next town. Off to the side of the road they see a forest and notice that its getting dark out…

If the players do succeed in staying on road then they make it to a small town where their car breaks down(same town players go to if they get car towed). A mechanic tells them that it will take two days to get the car fixed and suggests that they stay at the local motel.

Nothing happens that night. If players look around town the following day they see there is a convince store, a barber shop, an antique store, a gun shop, and a police station. If players ask around, they learn they are near Cumberland MD. If players ask about Raleigh, the locals tell them various different stories about what they heard form different news channels and papers. Most stories say that there is a rise in crime or something similar in Raleigh and access is being restricted.

West Virginian Railroad

-Insert pre-boarding scene here. When players finally reach Charleston they can board the W.V.R.. Players get in one of the last car and the train sets off.

When the train is over the sea, the terrorists will act. players can make a spot check to notice a hidden signal or strange movements coming from some of the passengers. If players don’t notice a terrorist will stand up and shoot the guy behind the players.

Players will make their way towards the front of the train and will face the leader in the front car. If players succeed they can continue onto their destination.

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